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  1. STATIC or DYNAMIC QR codes
  2. PROFESSIONAL QR images for print and screen
  3. Payment by card and INSTANT delivery by e-mail
  4. -- 2 vectorial images SVG, PDF / QR code
  5. -- 2 graphic images PNG, JPG / QR code
  6. -- 1 PDF electronic invoice
  7. Fully automated online shop: 24/7


Use Dynamic QR codes to send the right message at the right time – because it does NOT involve reprinting or redistributing them.

  • Change promotional campaigns based on the time of day, day of the week or month of the year – imagine a QR code on the window of a restaurant that displays breakfast offers in the morning and happy hour offers in the afternoon!
  • Place QR codes on product packaging, encouraging consumers to order them again from the store where they are sold online.

PROFESSIONAL QR images for print and screen

Get QR code images in 5 professional formats: 2 vector formats (EPS, PDF) that can be printed at any size, without loss of resolution + 3 graphic formats (BMP, JPG, TIF) for screen / web.

The cameras of iOS and Android devices scan QR codes natively, without the need to install an application!

Buy and pay online

Fill in the desired amount, add it to the cart, then pay online with your card or PayPal. You will receive instant QR codes by e-mail! The web addresses you want to encode are entered on the order page.

Don’t procrastinate! Buy QR codes in minutes and insert them into the campaign you’re already working on!

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By just a click, the QR code sends the consumer to:

  • digital label of the product
  • promotions
  • contests
  • social media pages where customers can follow the news or leave feedback
  • downloading a mobile application
  • validation of the authenticity of a product by a unique serial number / batch number

How do you promote the QR code for an effective marketing campaign?

  • Include it on the label of all products
  • Include it on all promotional materials (online, indoor and outdoor)
  • Include it in your price lists to make them interactive
  • Include it in the signatures of all email addresses you communicate with customers
  • Include it in your business cards

Mandatory, put a QR code of action for the consumer near the QR code:

  • Digital label on a remote scan!
  • Take part in the contest!
  • Check out the great deals today!
  • Follow our promotions on Facebook!
  • Automatically scan and win a hat!
  • Download the datasheet.
  • Register for free!
  • Check if the product is original!