Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The International Barcodes Network was formed in order to increase the availability of reseller barcodes and barcode information worldwide. They do this by providing local offices where local licensees, who know their individual markets, provide reseller barcode numbers for a reasonable price in the client’s native language.
The short answer is ‘yes’, ‘usually’. – The vast majority of retailers find it much easier if products entering their stores have QR Codes on them. This means that QR Codes open the door to retailers and allow you to expand the availability of your product.
Yes. You can label all your products with QR Codes.You can purchase there here.
We have sold ten’s of thousands of these QR Codes, and never come across difficulty with stores.
The weblink encoded in the QR Code is really your web address, not an intermediary web address used to later redirect to your weblink. 
No, once you purchase a QR Code from us, it is yours for life and you are free to use it how you wish. Our QR Codes do not require monthly fees.
We offer affordable QR Barcodes for a one-off cost. Some of our features include:

1. Cheap QR Codes – 1 QR Code Package starts at $10 USD and getting cheaper.
2. No Ongoing fees – the QR Codes are sold for a one-off cost so you only pay once.
3. Professional QR Code Images Provided – we also provide high resolution (600 dpi) barcode images in 4 different formats (SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG) for your convenience.
4. Quick Service – you will either receive your QR Codes immediately.

Please see ‘why buy from us‘ for more information on this. 

You can order a QR Code here. After you proceed to check-out you can select to pay by credit card or pay through PayPal. Once payment has been made, we will email you through your QR Code with the images as attached files. 
Once you receive your QR Code with the images as attached files, you can simply incorporate them into your product packaging or have them printed onto adhesive labels.
A retail QR Code is simply encoding your web address as an image. When the product is scanned, the web address is automatically opened by the Internet browser.
Yes, It is possible to print your QR Code in something other than black and white however the scanability of the QR Code is depended on there being a good level of contrast between the background and the code. So, a light yellow code on a white background would not work well, whereas a dark blue code on a white background would probably scan fine.


Why buy from us?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.