Static or Dynamic QR Codes

The QR Codes are scanned by smart phones and have a variety of different functions, the most common being to automatically link the smart phone to the encoded URL when scanned.

  • From this page you can purchase static QR codes or dynamic QR codes.

    You will receive each QR code in 5 formats: 2 vector (EPS, PDF) and 3 graphics (BMP, JPG, TIF) at 600 dpi.

    Please mention in the last order page, in the ‘Additional information’ area, the web address you want coded in the QR code. If you want to order more QR codes, then please separate the web addresses by enter.

    This product is with automatic e-mail delivery.

     Price / Piece  Total minim
     1 – 9  10 $ each  10 $
     10 – 19  8 $ each  80 $
     20 – 39  6 $ each  120 $
     40 – 99  4 $ each  160 $
     100 – 999  2 $ each  200 $
     1000 +  Please contact us Please contact us


    STATIC QR codes:

    – directly encode the final URL
    – are permanent – will work as long as the URL of your website does not change – no annual fee to keep the URL active
    – URL cannot be changed – is encoded directly in the QR code
    – unlimited scans

    DYNAMIC QR codes:

    – encodes an intermediate URL, from where the redirection to the final URL is made
    – they are not permanent – the initial purchase includes redirection for 2 years – after which an annual fee of 10 USD is paid for the active maintenance of the URL
    – URL can be changed – a $ 10 change fee is paid
    – unlimited scans
    – activity reports – cost depending on the frequency, complexity and number of QR codes tracked

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