How do I buy?

1. In the page of the QR Codes you want to buy:

  • Insert the desired quantity, then click on ADD TO CART
  • Click on View cart in order to review the content of the shopping cart

2. In the page of the shopping cart:

  • If you want, modify then update the ordered quantity by clicking on Update cart
  • Click on CONTINUE TO PAYMENT in order to pay the products

3. In the page of the invoicing details:

  • Fill in the mandatory fields marked with a red star in the section Invoicing details (left side of the page)
  • Fill in thw web addresses of the QR Codes in the section Additional Information (right side of the page)
  • Default the payment option is: PayPal
  • Check that you agree with the User terms and conditions

4. In the page of the payment:

  • Payment with PayPal first require to login to the PayPal website, then to make the payment
  • Make the online payment
  • The invoice you will receive is issued from New Zealand in USD

5. After the online payment is made:

  • After few minutes you will receive 3 e-mails (if you don’t receive anything in Inbox, please check the Spam folder):
    • order confirmation and the electronic invoice
    • ordered products attached in a zip file
    • ordered products as a link to the same zip file
  • The e-mails contains:
    • the electronic invoice issued from New Zealand in USD in PDF format
    • the QR Codes images in 2 vector formats (EPS, PDF) and 3 bitmap formats (BMP, JPG, TIF)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.